How We Serve

When updating your practice there are many moving parts that can be intimidating. Upbeat Cardiology Solutions breaks them down one by one making them manageable with their proven step by step process.

Staff Training

Staff must be certified to use the generators, receive and ship packages, use the cameras and learn the updated processing of fusion imaging. The physicians have to be comfortable and familiar with reading fusion imaging to take full advantage of all the benefits PET/CT can offer. With every site, we bring the full training for all staff from patient set up to reading the images. Offering training to physicians and full continued support to technologists, Upbeat Cardiology Solutions can make this a stress-free transition.

Site Buildouts

When moving into advanced imaging there are more shielding requirements and usually space alterations required to accommodate the larger scanners. We provide you with a project manager to help coordinate between the state, architect, and builders. This way your project is taking the right steps at the right time saving time and keeping your project moving forward.

Technologist and Equipment Support

When working on new equipment and the first week passes and training is complete it can become stressful worrying what if something happens. The camera stops working, the infusion didn’t start on time, or: “I have never seen a heart like this” while processing. Upbeat Cardiology Solutions makes sure you aren’t left alone or in the dark with our continued support.
This means you or your technologist can call us anytime to troubleshoot, walk step by step through how to restart a picture or procedure, use our seasoned staff to assure your staff these are situations we have all seen before and keep your lab operating at a high standard of quality and confidence.

Physicist Service

Upbeat Cardiology Solutions offers physicist services from radiation safety training, annual review, quarterly source and equipment testing, record reviews, audits, and camera testing for accreditation. With our full service solutions, we serve as your radiation safety officer and manage your radioactive materials license using our decades of experience to keep your lab compliant and up to date.


Whether you want IAC or ACR we will bring your lab through the accreditation process with a guaranteed approval. Our Staff has decades of experience with both organizations and can walk you through our simplified process again taking the stress away and giving you peace of mind and confidence in our nuclear lab.

Ready to Transform Your Practice?

With Upbeat Cardiology Solutions, you gain more than just cutting-edge equipment; you gain a partner dedicated to elevating your practice's cardiac imaging capabilities. Contact us to discuss how we can tailor our services to bring the future of cardiac imaging to your patients today.