Cardiac Solutions and Services We Offer

Streamlined Project Management for Cardiology Practices

At Upbeat Cardiology Solutions, we recognize the challenges of integrating advanced imaging technologies into your practice. Our approach is to simplify this transition by providing a dedicated Project Manager, ensuring a smooth operation from the planning phase through to implementation. They work closely with all parties involved, including state officials, architects, and builders, to ensure your project stays on track, on time, and on budget.

Expertise in Diagnostic Imaging and Equipment

We are committed to delivering the highest standards in nuclear cardiology imaging. Our team assists in selecting the right camera for your practice, considering factors such as patient volume, space constraints, desired outcomes, and compliance with state regulations. We manage all aspects of site buildouts, including the necessary shielding and space modifications for optimal lab efficiency and regulatory adherence.

Advanced Diagnostic Imaging Selection

Our expertise extends to both PET/CT and SPECT imaging systems. We provide comprehensive services for PET and PET/CT, including generator supply, training, and user certifications. For SPECT imaging, we supply isotopes, offer camera service and support, and provide detailed protocols for amyloid imaging, ensuring your practice is at the forefront of imaging technology.

Customized Training and Ongoing Support

We ensure that your staff is fully trained and confident in operating the latest imaging technologies. From patient setup to image interpretation, we cover all aspects of training. Our support continues beyond the initial training period, offering guidance and troubleshooting to maintain high-quality lab operations.

Licensing and Accreditation

Navigating the complexities of licensing and accreditation is made easier with Upbeat Cardiology Solutions. We guide you through every step, whether it’s obtaining a Radioactive Materials License, meeting the requirements for a Certificate of Need, or achieving IAC or ACR accreditation. Our comprehensive accreditation services ensure that your practice not only meets but exceeds ACR/IAC standards.

Radiation Safety and Compliance

Safety is paramount, and our Radiation Safety Program is designed to ensure a secure environment for both patients and staff. We provide Radiation Safety Officer services, including regular audits, dosimetry, and policy updates, along with annual safety training.

Billing and Report Optimization

Upbeat Cardiology Solutions enhances your practice with thorough billing and reporting support. We provide detailed report analysis and development, ensuring your documentation meets accreditation standards and optimizes patient outcomes. Whether you’re refining existing reports or creating new ones from our templates, we guide you every step of the way. Our billing expertise focuses on maximizing reimbursements, conducting code audits for accuracy, and offering support to resolve any claim denials.

Flexible Equipment Financing

Understanding the financial considerations of acquiring new equipment, we offer flexible financing options, including sales, leasing, and lease-to-own arrangements. Our equipment solutions are tailored to your practice’s needs, from hot lab equipment to state-of-the-art imaging cameras, including PET/CT and SPECT systems. We ensure that you have access to full service and maintenance, along with training for your technologists and physicians.

Ready to Transform Your Practice?

With Upbeat Cardiology Solutions, you gain more than just cutting-edge equipment; you gain a partner dedicated to elevating your practice's cardiac imaging capabilities. Contact us to discuss how we can tailor our services to bring the future of cardiac imaging to your patients today.